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PhD Poster for the BIFoR Annual Conference

Originally published 24 January 2019

So I’m attending my first academic conference as a PhD Researcher. This one is very much a ‘home’ affair as its the Birmingham University Forest Institutes (BIFoR) Annual Conference (link). As Forest Edge Scholars we’re all preparing academic posters outlining our research. As PhD students with less than six months experience this research is limited to scope and overviews only! But it’s been a good experience trying to summarise the initial ideas of what I’m planning to do…
Having spent far to long worrying about this I’m now going to send off my poster for printing – seeing my work in A1 size is going to be a bit terrifying – here’s hoping the layout / spelling / pictures don’t look to ridiculous! (If I start worrying about the actual content again I’m never going to get this finished….)