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Graduating (again): an MSc in Science and Technology Studies

Today was the official graduation for our 2017/18 MSc in Science and Technology Studies at UCL (a brilliant department). I find this weird that it happens over a year after you've finished but there it is.

After (in my mind) nearly failing the first term, the work that went into turning that year around was ridiculous. Tackling my dyspraxia both in terms of its impact on my writing and the mental block it creates in my belief that I could write; but also tackling the subject: literature and research. 

It was a game changer. I came out with a Distinction overall and the STS prize for my dissertation. It also put me on the path to my PhD as a Leverhulme scholar for Forest Edge at BIFoR UoB.

I'm really proud of the dissertation, hopefully I'll get a paper out of it and at least I can make it available here: Forest vs afforestation: identifying forest futures from definitions and values