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Twitter Conference! RGS-IGB PGF formum

 This was sooo hard!

Having not been able to run the normal events this year, the Post-Graduate Forum group (PGF RGS-IBG) decided to hold a twitter conference. With an allocated day and time, participants summarised their research in 5 tweets (one every 3 mins) and then had 15mins for Q&A.

It's a great idea, but even with the tweets pre-prepared I found the format pretty challenging. In particular checking that you've found and answered all the questions asked during your 15min slot was tricky. Thinking about this afterwards, I don't actually have twitter downloaded onto my phone as an app, because being pinged by things drives me nuts. However, this would have been of benefit during this conference, I could have always removed it again afterwards! Oh well a note for the next time.

Anyway, whilst it's pretty easy to find the thread, I've pasted it all below for reference - it was fun, and a good way to share a (very) brief research update:

Methods incl: Emplaced interviews & mapping with participants, Onsite and remote sensed data collection, Modelling alternative landuse scenarios in #SHETran, ( & a critical review of current research and practice 

#forestandflood #interdisciplinary [2/5]

Prelim findings include: Farmers/Landmanagers (LM) plant trees; LM expertise has an important impact on data collection; LM preferences informed by multiple factors incl not ruled by) economics; 

The social and physical (incl geomorphological) are entangled in landscapes [3/5]

Prelim findings cont: LM prefs for features like shelterbelts and steep slope woodlands produce feasible alternative scenarios with significant impacts on catchment hydrology, Where, which & how trees grow more important than no. planted, #NaturalFloodManagement #NFM [4/5]

Next steps: Different knowledges and data have informed process through analysis. Evaluation of the models & research findings and the potential impact on decision making will be made alongside catchment participants/experts Then I just have to write a thesis
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