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And we're back...

 After a three month hiatus I need to hit the ground running, as it's the final push for data collection and evaluation on the PhD.

That three month 'break' was spent on placement with the Welsh Forestry Policy Team, working on the National Forest in Wales programme. Whilst that in itself is worthy of a number of blog posts, I need a bit of time to evalute the work I did, plus I need to work out what I can and can't say without breaking any offical secrets?! (I jest in part..)

So presenting at the BIFoR 2021 annual meeting seemed like a great idea to get some feedback on progress, and try and get my head around what my PhD was actually like.

Yes, I decided that presenting my PhD, whilst in the last week of a really challenging but brilliant placement was a good idea - don't go there..

It went, however, quite well. I really enjoyed myself, and as I only had 10minutes there was little time to make a mess of it. I only regret that I didn't have time to wax lyrical about my 3D catchment map (with buildings included to ensure the 'socio' bit of 'socio-ecological' was actually visualised).. see if you can spot it!