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Realising Forestrys potential - Presenting at Treescapes2021

Trying to present even a small aspect of the PhD work in 7mins is never easy. 

 This particular presentation was tailored to the Treescapes2021 2nd day theme: releasing (or realising!) Forestry's potential. 

I focused on the importance of looking beyond a primary driver - for example production of timber... My work supports that which shows that increasing woodland within our diverse landscape, will mean creating diverse, small, "inefficient" woodlands. Where those responsible for growing the trees may not have the same primary driver or purpose, as the forestry sector who hold the expertise in skills, silviculture and markets. 

 By enabling multiple benefits to woodlands, and accepting other primary drivers for woodland creation: biodiversity, secondary small scale products, farm features such as shelterbelts, coppice for fuel/product/water management - forestry may find that the access it has to land and future resource starts (for once) to actually increase! 

 Given my trepidation about presenting (I'm still not really happy in an online format, I really miss being able to see peoples faces!) I was suprised and delighted to win a conference prize!! I suspect my lack of powerpoint may have helped. I've been using ArcGIS storymaps for my recent presentations - testing it as a more suitable online format for some of the landscape exploration that my PhD covers. So any feedback is gratefully appreciated. 

 Hopefully the video presentation will be available soon, but for now I've embeded the Storymap below - but it can also be found at this link: